Tagesspiegel Election Night

Preliminary result
AfD in Third Place

Federal Returning Officer,

  • Union 32.9%8.6
  • SPD 20.5%5.2
  • AfD 12.6%+7.9
  • FDP 10.7%+6.0
  • Left 9.2%+0.6
  • Greens 8.9%+0.5
  • Others 5.0%1.2

Tagesspiegel Election Night
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Coalition Options 

355 seats needed for absolute majority

  • Grand Coalition 399 seats
  • Union, FDP, Greens 393 seats
  • Union and FDP 326 seats
  • Union and Greens 313 seats
  • SPD, Left, Greens 289 seats

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